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Costa Rica Pacific Beach Towns
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Air Conditioning Houston HVAC

 'Houston HVAC Engineer'
  'Air Conditioning Houston'

Air Conditioning

The challenge for the design of this site was definitely SEO. Search engine optimization in an extremely competitive keyword search - competing with all of the Houston area HVAC contractors and sheet metal shops - in the most air conditioned city in the world! This site has good search engine ranking because we opted to develop a very fast loading, text rich website.

Houston Air Conditioning

Houston Sheet Metal Fabrication

City of Nosara Costa Rica

 'City of Nosara Costa Rica'

City of Nosara Costa Rica
Search Engine Optimization

This website design presents a professional appearance for the City. The challenge here was in organizing the tremendous amount of data and information to be presented about the amenities of the city.

[This website design is a work in progress]
Keywords: City of Nosara Costa Rica

City of Nosara Costa Rica

Costa Rica business opportunites are a great way to invest in real estate and become a partner in an already established business.

Many tourism businesses for sale in Costa Rica would benefit from and are looking for an investment partner or a working partnership with people who are qualified and experienced in the tourism industry.
Costa Rica Real Estate Investment
Tourism Businesses for Sale
Looking for a Business Partner

Costa Rica Hotel & Tourism Businesses - Investment Opportunities

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It's a big decision -- a major commitment, really -- to appoint a web designer or hosting service. The client is entitled to shop around and think twice about hiring someone who will be responsible for what visitors see, how well the website functions, and many other issues like flexibility, backup, bandwidth, and above all promotion. A great website isn't great unless it has traffic -- and it better be the right kind of traffic, i.e., qualified customers who are ready to buy the client's product. As advertising guru David Ogilvy rightly taught, "It isn't creative unless it sells."

Nosara realty and Costa Rica Real Estate clients enjoy high ranking website design with keyword search terms for house for sale, residential real estate and commercial properties Costa Rica.

Our shop has a distinct philosophy of customer service. It begins with the notion that simple is good.

The client shouldn't have to babysit the project, fixing mistakes and banging on his desk to get things done promptly. We deliver on schedule. Our work meets or exceeds the client's requirement. Every page works. They load like lightning, even on a clunky 56K dial-up. Navigation is clear and unambiguous, without being gaudy or redundant. If there's a complex database, its output is concisely responsive to user queries. We eschew frames, Java scripts, and Flash images. Every page runs on every platform, because we author and validate plain HTML and simplified, no-frills PHP.

We typically invest 80+ manhours to develop a website proposal, ready to demo with key art, server specs, navigation plan, promotion strategy, a fixed-price budget and delivery timeline. Unless the client happens to have stupendous photos and graphics, we explain what's needed and plan to shoot it, or acquire it, or create compelling visual content from scratch. The promo strategy might be a wide mix of unrelated (but synergistic) media, including newsletters, web forum and Usenet posts, paid advertising, unique SEO keys, alternate content channels, and pay-per-click programs.

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