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Costa Rica Rainforest Family Hotel Lodge

'Costa Rica Real Estate Hotel Business Investment Partnership Proposal'

 'Costa Rica Business Investment, looking for Hotel Business Partner'

Costa Rica Real Estate Investment
Rainforest Lodge Business for Sale

This family rainforest lodge is still in the design and planning stages, not yet ready for hotel guests. The owners are interested in finding investors or business partners for construction of the childrens' rainforest activities and hotel facilities.

The current website contains an investment partner business proposal, a business plan and information about the planned hotel facilities. Web design and search engine strategy is to launch the website ahead of opening. Once the hotel opens, the website will be updated, and then able to quickly gain search engine traffic.

The ideal business partner would bring knowledge and experience working with kids in a science education environment. Teachers and educators that want one-on-one interaction with youth interested in the rainforest.

Costa Rica Hotel Real Estate Investment Business Partnership

Web Design National Parks

 'National Parks Costa Rica'

Costa Rica National Parks

The challenge for the design of this website was navigation. The client had a large amount of information that needed to be organized for user-friendliness.  The site has a professional appearance and easy navigation. It features profiles of the national parks and wildlife refuges of the country.

Costa Rica National Parks
Costa Rica Rainforest Business Investment Properties for Sale

 'Costa Rica Rainforest Ecotourism Business and Land for Sale'
 'Business Property for Sale Costa Rica'

Business Investment Properties
Costa Rica

Search engine optimization for this web site was directed at real estate investors interested in businesses and hotels for sale in Costa Rica. These investment properties are available for sale either in whole or as a business partner percentage.

The site also includes a brief market analysis for ecotourism businesses in Costa Rica, and real estate investment in business properties. This includes land and hotels for sale with owners that are seeking business partnerships for ecotourism commercial land.

Costa Rica Business Investment Properties for Sale

Web Marketing Tide Charts Costa Rica Advertising Available

 'Costa Rica Tide Charts'

Costa Rica Tide Charts

Tide charts are vital information for sportfishing and surfing. Comprehensive's unique, full-color graphic tidecharts target outdoor adventure enthusiasts and promote tourist services on the Pacific Coast.

Premium banner advertising is available at very reasonable rates. It is a prime site for sportfishing charters, surf schools, and scuba shops. For information on how to have your banner ad placed on the Tide Charts site, contact the webmaster.

Costa Rica Tide Charts

Internet Marketing Road Maps Costa Rica

'Costa Rica Road Maps Atlas'

Road Maps of Costa Rica

Comprehensive has published a set of road maps that a free downloadable browser images. Travel in Costa Rica is often confusing to vacationers who are not familiar with the roads of Costa Rica.

This set of roads maps for Costa Rica is an internet marketing service for travel and tourism businesses. With 7 Provinces and 80 counties in Costa Rica, travelers can now research their destinations ahead of time on the web.

Costa Rica Road Maps

Costa Rica Wildlife Educational Website

 'Costa Rica Rainforest Wildlife'

Costa Rica Rainforest Wildlife

The client wanted to present information about rainforest wildlife species in Costa Rica, with a PayPal shopping cart for handmade stuffed animals, and a huge library of homeschool literature e-books for sale.

Costa Rica Rainforest Wildlife

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We control a lot of server storage and administer a large number of client domains, but we don't sell bandwidth like a commodity. Every byte belongs to our design customers. You won't be sharing an IP with strangers. Nor do we pitch every possible client, worldwide. We serve commercial enterprises, small companies, and institutions in Costa Rica. We meet our prospective new clients face to face, to nail down every aspect of their web requirement, before a proposal is developed and submitted.

No two websites are alike in our portfolio. Every client has a unique property or business plan, and we endeavor to reflect that, both in website design and promotion. But certain "boilerplate" provisos apply to every job we undertake. Photos are crunched to 20K or less, so that no one has to wait for them to load. Gamma is corrected, so they look good on an old CRT monitor. GIFs are rendered in mimimal, cross-platform palettes. Streaming media is default low-fi, with a user option for hi-fi.

Ethics matter. We keep confidential business information strictly confidential. We do not implement anything "on-exit" or anything that loads a stealth executable on the user's machine. We don't buy or harvest email addresses or send unsolicited spam. We don't redirect or drive casual websurfers to pump up traffic. We don't do business with

Designing and administering a client's website imposes a fiduciary duty of trust. We routinely handle domain registration and renewals, DNS re-pointing, and e-commerce payment systems. Our reputation for timely, accurate, faithful service to our clients is vital to our continued success as a professional web marketing and domain hosting company. As a small "mom and pop" enterprise, you are always assured of personal attention, 24-7. Our livelihood depends on customer satisfaction and referrals.

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