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When you are shopping on the internet for property in Costa Rica, you will find it to be a daunting task. There is an overwhelming amount of information to absorb, and websites with huge databases of real estate listings. After browsing through hundreds of directories, looking at tiny thumbnail photos and short descriptions without much detail, you can get discouraged about trying to narrow down what property is right for you.

On top of that, you get confused about Costa Rica real estate laws, building construction permits, and want to understand the relationship that an agent or realtor in Costa Rica has with his clients. You realize quickly that you need to find a real estate attorney to handle the property transfer and file the land title, once you can find a lot or acreage that is what you want to buy. If you intend to build, make sure that the land you purchase in under some restriction or protection.

Another decision you must make is the region or area of Costa Rica where you will be buying property. Are you dreaming of a little cottage house on the beachfront? Or something with a bit more luxury, a hillside oceanview home overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The climate along the coasts can be quite hot and humid, so you may want to look for property in the mountains, with cool fresh breezes, and just a short drive to the beach when you feel like a swim.You should also consider the infrastructure of the area you choose to buy in. If you have a family, look for nearby schools. If you are concerned about medical care, be sure to ask your real estate agent how far away it is.

Although the cost of living in Costa Rica is considerably lower than elsewhere in the world, you may find that the style of amenities that you are used to can be very expensive. For instance, the purchase price of cars in Costa Rica is very expensive,  repairs cost a lot, and often parts are unavilable and must be ordered. The bad quality of the dirt roads in Costa Rica can damage your car a lot more than many people realize, so expect high repair bills. The cost of imported luxury items, like TVs and Air Conditioners, is quite high. Electricity is cheap for the first few kw hours, but once you install an air conditioner, your utility bill will climb.

home  |  web design  |  search engine optimization  |  real estate portfolio  |  vacation rentals  |  tourism clients  |